9 Hospital Bag Must Haves

Looking for a hospital bag checklist? For a first time mom, I was SUCH a slacker when it came to packing my hospital bag for…

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How This Labor Nurse Went Into Labor: My Natural Induction Methods

Let’s talk about going into labor! Are you looking for natural ways to induce labor, or how to induce labor yourself? For almost ALL pregnant women,…

Hands Free Pumping: This Is The Only Breast Pump You Need

Plan on breastfeeding? Great! But guess what’s not so great….pumping!! I’m not saying it’s awful, but I think we all can agree that breastfeeding >…


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What Are Braxton Hicks Contractions?

If this is your first pregnancy, you may be wondering what are those Braxton Hicks contractions everyone keeps talking about? Well first let’s start off…

5 Pregnancy Symptoms You Should Always Tell Your OBGYN

From stretch marks, leaky breasts, to literally growing a beard (yes, you can grow hair on your face!) it’s clear pregnancy can cause your body…

Getting An Epidural: The Entire Process From Start To Finish

Whether you plan on getting an epidural from the moment you find out your pregnant, or hours deep into labor, it’s important to be informed…