I’m A Breastfeeding Mom : An Honest Review of The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class by Milkology

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the ultimate breastfeeding class review

Hey milky mamas! Or, maybe you are a milky-to-be mama? I am so excited to write this review on Stacey Stewart’s Milkology Class (The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class). It’s kind of a hot class right now and I’m thrilled to put my two cents in!

If you aren’t familiar with who I am, my name is Liesel! I’m a labor and delivery nurse from Raleigh, North Carolina. I’m also STILL currently a breastfeeding mama to my sweet 14-month-old baby boy. I struggled with low supply issues MY ENTIRE breastfeeding journey, and I’ve written a few posts on breastfeeding, including ways to increase your supply and which breast pump worked the best for me!

I am a super advocate of breastfeeding! Breast milk provides your little one with valuable nutrients, formula just can’t. Breast milk also provides a defensive effect against many common diseases/ailments by providing MOMMY ANTIBODIES. This is something formula, also, cannot do. When you provide your baby breast milk, you are passing down valuable immune properties that help keep baby’s immune system super healthy!

It’s certainly called LIQUID GOLD for a reason.

While I’m totally GUNG-HO for the boob milk, I’m even MORE passionate about the FED IS BEST campaign!

What is ‘FED IS BEST’, you ask? It’s a non-profit group based upon the thought that, quite frankly, your baby is best FED, not breastfed. They believe babies should never go hungry, and mothers should be supported in selecting clinically safe nourishing options for their babies. Whether it be breast milk, formula or a combo of both!

They make it clear that breastfeeding is much more superior to formula, but also note that if you choose to feed your baby formula FOR WHATEVER REASON, it’s totally okay! Because who wants a hungry baby?

Even though I still breastfeed my 14-month-old son, and I LOVE breastfeeding/breast milk and everything ABOUT breast milk…I…gave…him…formula. *GASP*

In fact, I gave him a LOT of formula.

And, you know what? That’s totally okay in my book! I did what I felt was best for him in my situation, and I’m at peace with it now. I am not going to lie though, I totally struggled with “breastfeeding guilt” for a long time.

the ultimate breastfeeding class review

But enough about me, and enough about formula! You’re here because you want to breastfeed, right? AWESOME!!

I found The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class, and I truly think it has EVERYTHING you need to know about breastfeeding. It was written by Stacey Stewart, a Certified Lactation Educator, and mommy of 3. 🙂


In this day in age, it’s so important to be informed, am I right? I’m a nurse, and one of the MAIN parts of my job is educating my patients. And, guys I can tell you 100%, one of the MAIN REASONS women do not breastfeed, or quit breastfeeding, is because of a lack of education.

OKAY HOLD UP. I totally DID NOT call you un-educated if you did not breastfeed or you quit breastfeeding your baby! I know there are SO MANY reasons why you chose to quit, and that’s totally OKAY! I’m just saying, IN MY EXPERIENCE, a lack of education on the front end is a major issue!

Y’all, I’m a freaking labor and delivery nurse. You would think I would be an expert at breastfeeding a baby. Um….no. I had a LOT of common issues and a lot of questions. Quite frankly, what it came down to was just that I had a lack of education!

I learned so much from lactation consultants, reading articles, asking my friends, going to support groups in those first few months.


This course I just took, pretty much just took everything I learned (over the course of months) and jam packed it into a nice little video series.

This course is what moms need on the FRONT END. I honestly think Stacey Stewart’s THE ULTIMATE BREASTFEEDING CLASS will help more moms start and continue to breastfeed their babies longer.

the ultimate breastfeeding class review

I WISH I had come across this before my breastfeeding journey, it may have helped my supply!

BUT WAIT, are you ALREADY breastfeeding a baby (for weeks, or even months)? This course will help you too. I promise.

Again…guys I’m a nurse (and a breastfeeding mama for almost 15 months now), and I learned a few things!

I also got to see what breast milk looked under a microscope (did you know it dances around because its ALIVE?), and also a few pointers about breastfeeding in public (practice in the mirror BEFORE going out!).

the ultimate breastfeeding class review

If you’ve breastfed for one day, one baby, 5 years, or 5 babies, I SWEAR you’ll learn a thing or two from this course. It’s just sooooo informative.

There’s even a handy-dandy little note sheet at the end of the class that summarizes the whole series! Because as everyone knows, cheat-sheets are LIFE.

You also can access it on ANY device because it’s through teachable.com, not a downloadable file. So that’s pretty cool!

It’s yours to keep FOREVER AND EVER. So, if you want a refresher right before you pop out kiddo numero 2, 3 or 10, just head to the world wide web! 😊

And FINALLY, the best PRO of them all…the price tag! It’s only NINETEEN BUCKS!

You may be hesitant to spend even a dime on something that is purely educational. But let me break it down for you….as much as we say “breastfeeding is much more cost effective than formula feeding, because it’s free” that’s not entirely true.

Do you know how much money I spent on supplements to try and increase my supply? Or the ice packs for engorgement, heat packs for let-down, nipple creams, trips to the lactation consult, different brands of bottles that I didn’t even use. A LOT more than $19. I have a feeling if I had been MORE PREPARED on the front end, I actually would have ended up saving some money.

*There’s also a 30-day money back guarantee if for any reason you don’t like the course!*


Alright, time for the Debbie-downer part of the blog post.

Even though I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this course, there are a few cons! Or shall I say, “pointers”.

First off, it’s a video series. I know that’s not really a con, but you do kind of have to pay attention throughout the whole thing! So, if you’ve got other kids running around, make sure you devote some quiet time (I know, that doesn’t really exist) to actually get what you need out of this course.

Second, you may get a tiny bit offended if you’ve given your baby formula. I didn’t personally get offended, but I can see how some mamas may. It’s a bit anti-formula, but…guys…IT’S A COURSE SOLELY DEDICATED TO BREASTFEEDING. I think we can all agree that people aren’t buying this course to hear about formula! But, just thought I’d throw that in there.

(cons complete…see there weren’t really any!)

You may have googled “the ultimate breastfeeding class review” or found me on Pinterest. I’m not sure how you found this post, but I hope you’ve learned something from it!  You are truly making THE BEST choice for you and your baby by choosing to breastfeed, and by educating yourself in the process!

Here’s the link once more just in case you missed the nine other areas I placed it on this post. 🤣

Please tell Stacey I sent you!

Happy milk-making! 🤱


I am promoting a very specialized program for postpartum mamas looking to heal, nourish and regain their strength. 

Katie is a mom of three boys, and really struggled with healing after the birth of her first child. She even went through pelvic floor physical therapy for weeks to manage scar tissue that developed from tearing. She has experience studying nutrition, physical therapy and she’s a Pilates instructor, so she’s put together a complete postpartum recovery fitness program! I personally wish I would’ve followed from the beginning, too!
This program first heals your body through specialized movements and nourishing foods. 

Foods are SO important to your body finding the nutrients it needs to heal itself back together again.

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Worried breastfeeding won’t work for you?

Concerned you won’t make enough milk for your baby?

Nervous it’ll hurt and you’ll struggle to latch?
Fearful after hearing horror stories from friends?

Breastfeeding does NOT have to be filled with anxiety and unknown.


The class will have you breastfeeding your baby with complete confidence and empower you to successfully reach your lactation goals.


  • The biggest mistake women make that can sabotage breastfeeding
  • The most effective breastfeeding position to get a deep latch
  • 2 simple ways to ensure your baby is getting enough milk
  • A powerful strategy to make more milk whenever you need to
  • 7 places to seek out and find your super support tribe

…and much more!

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