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The Absolute Best Pregnancy Gift For A First Time Mom!

Hi Mamas! Are you looking for the absolute BEST pregnancy gift for a first time mom? Well, look no further! I’ve been itching to share this post for months now…I just had to wait for someone I know to get pregnant so I could get all my supplies! Two years ago when I was pregnant […]

The Dreaded Gestational Diabetes Test: What To Expect!

I remember sitting with my mom at the doctor’s office as a little girl. She had a big bump and was drinking some weird orange punch. When I asked if I could try it too, she told me, “no, it’s for me and the baby. Besides, it’s really gross anyways.” I watched her gulp down […]

How To Gain Minimal Weight While Pregnant? Try a Belly-Only Program!

Hi Mamas! Are you wondering how to gain minimal weight while pregnant? I hope you’re excited! If you’ve read the title of this article, you’ll know that I’ve found an AMAZING exercise routine for all my pregnant mamas looking to stay fit and healthy as you grow your little! Katie from Joyful Messes just unleashed […]

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